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Lothus Line

BLOCK, TUNNEL, STEALTH: a range of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment, with LED optical engines equipped with cutting edge reflective remote phosphor technology.

The use of this innovative technology makes it possible to benefit from the positive features of LED, such as reduced consumption and minimum maintenance, providing a solution to the serious disadvantages resulting from glare and the development of high temperatures which limit LED lifetime.

In particular the combination of anti-oxidation, multi-layer reflectors with remote phosphor sources has enabled THUS Italia to create high performance optical engines. These can be used for street lighting or decorative equipment, have negligible efficiency losses of light flux emissions, and glare levels similar to those of conventional discharge lamps.

The use of heat dissipation systems by means of phase exchange liquids makes it possible to construct lightweight illumination units, and avoid the use of normal plates which influence equipment design and collect dirt over time, resulting in a reduction in heat dissipation capacities.


City Light

The range of our street lighting fixtures spreads from traditional to moderately modern style, up to the technical lighting.

The product range has grown over time, and can now offer new light poles and lamps. As soon as new products of THUS Italia collection will be available, they will be shown on this web site.

Garden Light

Elegance and reliability distinguish the Garden Collection of THUS Italia.
The finely styled design of our products, inspired by the Mediterranean tradition, values gardens and terraces with a dainty illumination.
The special care for the details and the constant attention to the quality of the used components guarantee the exceptional performances of our products, which are all strictly made in Italy.

Energy Saving

The power controllers of THUS Italia belong to the latest generation of energy saving devices for street lighting. They were achieved after years of research work performed together with Rasotto Engineering.

The series of power controllers range from the REN cabinet controllers to the REB point-to-point module controllers, as widely reported in this site.